Mission, Vision
& Values


Franklin News Foundation’s mission is to hold government accountable through objective, balanced, citizen-focused public journalism with a taxpayer sensibility. Our work allows all readers to understand the impact and importance of governmental issues in their own backyard.


Franklin News Foundation’s vision is to build and sustain a 50-state digital hub and newswire service that delivers high-quality journalism with velocity, frequency and consistency. Franklin’s journalism allows readers to connect to taxpayer-centric issues within their statehouse, across their state and in their hometown, and is delivered to the public on multiple platforms.


Franklin News Foundation supports and funds high-quality public-interest journalism at the state and local levels. Franklin is dedicated to the principles of transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility through our newswire, The Center Square. Our journalists highlight the presence and absence of fiscal responsibility in government through reporting that is objective and our work moves rapidly within the daily news cycle. Our reporting shines the bright light of transparency into government’s darkest corners, and reveals the truth about mismanagement and overreach. The journalism we support changes the world for the better, exposing damaging public policies, leading to investigations, and prompting regulatory reforms and legislative changes.