Franklin News Foundation was constituted in 2019 and constructed to provide value to news consumers who access their news and information across an ever-changing mosaic of content streams. We provide content via the Center Square newswire for use by legacy media companies, we publish content at our journalism hub, thecentersquare.com, and utilize all meaningful forms of social media to distribute
high-impact journalism to readers across the United States.

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Our Market Position & Differentiation

Journalists at The Center Square adhere to the highest standards of objective journalism.

We report on issues at the statehouse and statewide levels.

We publish to an audience that seeks balanced state-focused view with a taxpayer’s sensibility.

The Inherent Value of Franklin News Foundation

When news consumers have access to information about how state and local government spends money or makes decisions in terms they can understand, their civic literacy increases and they can more easily interact with state-level news.

We do this through straightforward reporting from the taxpayers’ perspective. We explain what is contained within legislation, how that will affect the lives of taxpayers and job creators, and allow them to see – in real time as legislation is moving – how what is being proposed or voted upon will directly affect their lives. It is in this regard that our reporting is a public benefit, as it provides greater understanding of the mechanics of local and state civics.


Franklin News Foundation is a non-profit news media company with a diversified portfolio of publications and holdings. To succeed, we have built a staff that has decades of both non-profit management and legacy media experience. Our team of dedicated professionals operates our business divisions with the highest levels of professionalism, planning and execution, and adheres to the highest ethical standards in their conduct in the boardroom, newsrooms and in our public interaction with legislators, elected officials and with the most important constituency, the public.

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