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The Franklin News Foundation provides objective, balanced, citizen-focused public journalism to news outlets nationwide, helping readers to understand the impact that government policy decisions have on their lives.

A trusted source for news

The Franklin News Foundation's flagship news product, The Center Square, is consistently rated as a trusted source by independent auditors like Ad Fontes, AllSides, and NewsGuard. This trusted readership has enabled our products to grow against a declining industry trend in news.

Ad FonTes

Prioritizing factual reporting and a balanced perspective

The Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart assesses the political leanings and credibility of news providers. Our regular placement in the center of the chart demonstrates our commitment to reliable, balanced reporting.


No political spin

Examining news from all sides of the political spectrum, AllSides finds The Center Square as a "center" news source, helping readers understand controversial issues without being controversial.


Industry leaders

NewsGuard assists users in evaluating the reliability of online information. The Center Square earns top ratings among media outlets for credibility of news and transparency in reporting; only missing points for abiding by donors' constitutional rights to privacy.

What makes us different

Focusing journalism on the size, scope, and effectiveness of local, state, and national government, we deliver original reporting with accuracy, velocity, and frequency.

Fearless Journalism

Holding elected leaders accountable

By covering stories others won’t, we are equipping families and communities with the facts that impact their daily lives. We cover issues such as:

Regulations on business

Law enforcement and public safety concerns

Homelessness and its impact on cities and neighborhoods

The border crisis and state leaders’ responses

Investigative Reporting

Shedding a light on government actions

Our investigative journalism holds elected leaders accountable, helping everyday readers understand where their tax dollars are going and who is responsible. These investigations cover:

Government spending on controversial agendas

How state employee pensions are being managed

Education curriculum being taught in schools

What studies officials are using to support the passage/reform of laws

Through our newswire products, Franklin News Foundation provides all content for free to more than 800 media partners nationwide. This provides sustainable, accurate, and timely news to local community publications.

Adding [The] Center Square on our websites and in our newspapers was a no-brainer once we saw how well written and edited it was. It expands our state coverage beyond what we get from the wire service with content we simply wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Rick Thomason

Regional Publisher, Paxton Media Group, High Point, NC

The high-quality, well-researched articles from [The] Center Square have been invaluable to our publication. They provide our readers with timely and relevant information, enhancing the overall quality and credibility of our news coverage. This aligns perfectly with our goals of delivering accurate and impactful news to our audience.

Luck Wilson

Perry Publishing & Broadcasting Company, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK

Integrating [The] Center Square into our digital platforms was an easy decision once we experienced its exceptional quality in writing and editing. It enhances our state coverage beyond wire service limitations, providing unique content we wouldn't find elsewhere.

Corey Champion

CFO, Champion Media/Avant Publications, NC

Their coverage allows me to keep my limited editorial staff focused on the two counties and more than a dozen rural cities the Columbia Basin Herald serves while keeping them apprised of important state-level issues such as gun control, school lunch program funding, law enforcement legislation and other vital issues.

R. Hans “Rob” Miller

Managing Editor, Columbia Basin Herald, Moses Lake, WA

Reaching Americans across all media channels

We deliver high-quality journalism across a diverse array of brands, reaching audiences on the platforms they prefer. We seek to be first and best in market through an omni-channel distribution network that reaches millions of readers throughout the day – every day.


The Center Square

The Center Square newswire provides free, reliable coverage of all fifty statehouses and Washington, D.C.


Chalkboard News

Chalkboard News lifts the veil on public K-12 education, helping parents, teachers, and stakeholders understand what is happening in the classroom.


America's Talking Network

America’s Talking Network offers a plethora of educational and conversational podcasts, unpacking the issues affecting American families and communities.


Advanced Digital Media

Advanced Digital Media’s BlueRoomStream takes viewers behind the curtain of Illinois government, providing live, unfiltered footage of state officials’ activity in Springfield.


Illinois Radio Network

Illinois Radio Network’s 101 radio stations provides in-depth, statewide coverage of the Land of Lincoln.

Hear directly from our staff

This hard-hitting reporting is developed by on-the-ground journalists, working every day to bring you the news you need.

"Franklin News Foundation commits itself to objective, fact-based reporting and trusts its editors to focus on the stories that impact their regions most. Our success in Pennsylvania comes down to our ability to thread the needle that brings statewide news to the local communities it most affects."

Christen Smith

Pennsylvania News Editor, The Center Square

"Franklin News Foundation's unique blend of growth mindset and unwavering commitment to its mission sets it apart. There are daily opportunities for impactful journalism and personal growth."

Cole McNeely

Vice President of Audio & Video, Franklin News Foundation

“When experiences can be shared in a way that helps another on our team, there's great joy. And when in a coachable moment with a colleague, those 'light bulb moments' never get old. Truth and honesty in the media, with real reporting of facts, is greatly needed. Thrilled to be part of The Center Square making that standard every time we publish.”

Alan Wooten

Managing Editor, The Center Square